We are Experts in logistics management. At BESEGRE LOGISTICS, we specialize in management of large functions and other special events, through our separate branches. Each branch of Besegre Logistics specializes in a specific management area, that other companies find to be a logistic nightmare.

We Aim

To make your Logistics Nightmare, whatever it should be, into a Day Dream.

Besegre Logistics offers a full range of supply chain services that reduce costs and increase profit potential to meet your unique requirements. Count on us for innovative solutions tailored to your business. In today's global marketplace, you need a logistics partner who can connect far-flung suppliers, organise additional employees, equipment, accommodation, catering and facilities. One who spans multiple disciplines and is working for you. Besegre Logistics is that partner.

Company Profile

Besegre Logistics supplies many services to the corporate sectors within Australia. We welcome both National and International companies accounts with us. We operate in all areas required by our Corporate clients. 

Besegre Logistics have identified the need for on site management in many arenas, and are equipped to handle most requests. Besegre Logistics provides interactive solutions to help our customers conquer the complex logistics challenges that can affect their workflow. These solutions range from transport to catering to facilities to locating local labour, and can assist you usually at a better costing whilst saving you time and effort.

At Besegre Logistics, we have cumulatively over 60 Years experience in logistics and event management. We have access to the largest range of vehicles of every size and type, as well as catering, and facilities to suit.

We guarantee to solve your logistic problem, with a minimum of trouble to yourself, and to make your event, whatever it should be, a pleasure due to lack of worry or concern. You and Your company can avail of our airport and station meet and greet service. We also offer reduced hourly rates for regular users of our service.

If there is anything you require assistance with, that is not specifically referred to in our website, please do not hesitate to enquire, and we will solve your problems through skilled logistics management.


Besegre Logistics is a logistics management consulting firm with broad capabilities. Our consulting is based on real-world logistics experience that enables us to understand our client's needs and to develop feasible solutions and return outstanding results. We provide solutions for clients, not buzz words. Our experience includes transport, catering, special events and more. We cater to all industries, with no job too big or too small.

We can work with clients on a broad scope of logistics-related needs, ranging from supply chain management to warehouse review to developing tailored customer solutions. 

Besegre Logistics can create a competitive advantage for you. We bring complete, flexible solutions to client challenges.


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